Pandas, aren’t they adorable…

Here are a few facts about them:

-Female pandas raise there cubs on there own
-A pandas diet is basically just bamboo
-The panda is native to china
-Pandas are endangered
-A panda lives for around 20 years in the wild
-The scientific name for the giant panda is ‘ailuropoda melanoleuca’.
-Pandas are excellent climbers
-I have actually adopted one!(It still lives in China though and I know that isn’t really a fact but it is still cool)

Here is a video on how to draw a panda


Kat’s awesome author talk

Yesterday 5B saw Kathryn Apel. Kathryn taught us lots of useful information about writing poetry and story’s. She has published 5 books called Bully on the bus, On track, Too many friends, That is the mud and Fencing with fear with one more in progress. Kathryn has written three verse books this means they are kind of like long poems, her verse books are bully on the bus, on track and too many friends.

Kathryn was born and grew up on a farm yet she is still is scared of cows. (Sorry I still can’t find out when she is born.

Kathryn loves writing shape poetry like this example of one of her super shape poems! (Click on the picture to make it bigger)

Warning⚠️: do not copyright! This is Kathryn’s not mine.

Over all I really enjoyed the day and I hope I can reade more of her books!


Here are a few links to tell you more information about Kathryn Apel (click on the numbers to go to the websites)





A very plane blog post

This week we have been making paper aeroplanes. We had to make two mine are both gliders named Panda 🐼 Power and The Glider. The glider goes further and Panda 🐼 Power stays in the air longer.

Panda power is 18.6cm long, 16.8cm wide 4cm tall and the area is 188.82cm squared (sorry the keyboard has no mini twos meaning centre meters squared.) The glider I think will fly quite a far distance. It’s measurements are 28.2cm long, 13.1 cm wide, 2cm tall and has an area of 256.52cm squared(again the keyboard does not have any mini twos)

Today we are going to be testing them to see which one goes further and which one stays in the air longer I think panda 🐼 power will stay in the air for around 7-10 seconds and go a distance of 7 meters. I think the glider will stay in the air for 7-10 seconds and go a disgrace of 10-12 meters. Come back soon for the result!

link to talk by paper plane expert

Link to paper plane website

Magnificent Mandalas

In art we are learning how to draw mandalas. Mandalas were made a long long time ago by the Hindu and Buddhist monks. They made them out of sand but not just the sand you will find in a sand pit this sand was made out of coloured marble, herbs, flowers, grains and coloured stone. These mandalas were called sand mandalas. The ones we are making in art are not made out of sand, we are just drawing them. If you look at the bottom of this post you can see I am a little bit more than half of the fine lining stage after I have finished fine lining I will move on to colouring which may take a while. Over all I am proud of what I have drawn because at the start when my art teacher said we will be drawing mandalas I thought mine would be really hard and look terrible but it is actually quite easy. I am definitely going to draw mandalas at home!

Here are a few examples of mandalas (if you want to see a bigger picture click on one of the pictures.)





This week I worked on a persuasive piece on why homework is good. I was the only one in my grade that did it going for homework, everybody else did it going against. It was much harder for me because it is really hard to use emotive language but I eventually got it done here’s a picture on before I rewrote it and after.


Click the photo to make bigger




Human race 🏁 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

Today l watched a play called the human race, it was about a school that went into a race that is on T.V all around. The contestants were Dunc and Deedee that was one team the other team was Kane and Kimbo. Kane cheated so there team got disqualified. Witch ment the other team won. My favourite character was Deedee because she acted like a drama queen 👸. My favourite part was when they made the words it looked a little like this:

Shaping of the continents

Here is the introductory to my information report…
Do you want to know how are continents were formed?
Well if your answer was yes then you are in the right place because today l am going to make tell you about the shaping of the continents. I will be including information about erosion, tectonic plates, Pangaea and how it effects the way we live now.

Remembrance Day

img_4959 img_4961

Today was Remembrance Day we made poppies  and wrote a poem on the back of the poppies. We also went to the library and read some books about Remembrance Day. Then we had a minute of silence.



Tactile bank notes

Tactile bank notes (tactile means to touch/feel)
* Conner was blind since he was born
* He had to learn how to read Braille
* He made a online petition and he got 57,000

Conner is a 13 year old boy who loves the outdoors the only problem is he was born blind. When he was two he had to learn how to use the cane he also had to learn Braille.

The only problem was reading bank notes they all felt the same to him, he wondered why Canada had tactile bank notes and Australia didn’t so he made a petition about making tactile bank notes in Australia he got 57,000 signatures agreeing that they should make tactile bank notes. The government said the next lot of bank notes are going to be tactile and will have Braille on them.